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    Indonesian Foreign Debt Development and Management

    The debt issue arose again after the publication of the cumulative amount of Indonesia's debt which reached Rp4,034.8 trillion. The government affirms that the debt position is still within safe limits because the government's ability to repay debt is still strong, the ratio to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) can still...

    (Mandala Harefa, S.E., M.Si.)
    (Drs. Juli Panglima Saragih. M.M.)

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Aryojati Ardipandanto, S.IP. Junior Researcher Aryojati Ardipandanto is a National Politics Researcher at the Research Center of Parliamentary Expertise Agency of the Indonesian House of Representatives, with an expertise in politics. Ardipandanto was born in Bandung, 1 August 1980. He earned his undergraduate degree in Public Administration from the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of Langlangbuana University, Bandung (2003). The researcher can be contacted at 081806514150. email: